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Simple smartphone + App CerQana


Always connected

CerQana simplifies the smartphone, adapting it to their specific capabilities. With CerQana, they are always located, safe and connected.

This package includes a Energy Sistem Max 4G smartphone with CerQana preinstalled and ready to use, and a 1 year premium license.

Choose how the smartphone will be:

  • Remote control of what apps are availables
  • Real time location
  • Monitor regular routes and safe or danger zones
  • Send messages with voice and pictograms
  • Auto-answer phone calls and activate hands-free mode remotely
  • Reminders of tasks or routines

Always safe

Create safe or danger zones, homes and regular routes

Always located

Check their location in real time if they get lost or lose their way

Always connected

Notify relatives and caregivers inmediately if they need help