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Antonomy, safety and peace of mind for your loved ones

Simplify any smartphone y enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that she is safe and connected


CerQana for Elderly People

Location, alerts, messages and more

Turn any smartphone into a powerful and easy-to-use tool, with real-time location, automated notifications, reminders and messages with voice or images.

Did Isabel remember to go to the doctor? Has she arrive safely? With CerQana there is no risk of getting lost anymore, she is always located. You get notified if there is any problem: if she falls, if she deviates from a route or if she forgets something. Communicate with her easily. Call her and make your phone call to be automatically answered, and activate the hands-free mode.

Their safety is your relief

User's app

Simplify any Android device, adapting it to the specific capabilities of each person. It eases their daily schedule, their social inclusion and allows them to be always connected with you.

CerQana Care
Caregiver's app

Receive real-time notificatinos in case something happens: if they enter a dangareous zone, deviate from a route, get lost or suffer a fall. Live with the peace of mind of knowing that if something happens, CerQana will notify you inmediatelly.

Web platform

Control their smartphone remotely, adapt its GUI and what APPs are available. Send them text messages with sound and pictograms, locate them in real time and define zones, routes, routines, homes, etc.


Simplify the usage and graphical interface of any Android

Make phone calls easily using the speed-dial buttons and the customized agenca

Use pictograms or images to easily identity all the features


Check her location in real time if she gets lost of loses her way

Guide the user back to home through voice or graphical instructions

Define safe or danger zones, homes and regular routes


Ask for help easily, just pressing the emergency button

If the user can't answer your phone call, CerQana answer it and activate the hands-free mode automatically

Notify relatives and caregivers inmediately if user she needs help

Help for your family and those who need it most,

We want to multiply our help for dependent people. Will you join us?

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